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I am forever being told to pack less.

Last summer, while travelling for nine weeks, my backpack was repeatedly laughed at for being “oversized.” Admittedly, being 5ft 2, I did look rather ridiculous with my 90 litre backpack but what can a girl do? – Not leave behind her hair straightener that’s for sure.


(Me on the right smiling through the pain of my +20kg backpack, the lovely Gabs on the left)

A few weeks ago I holidayed in Majorca for 5 days with a couple of girlfriends. When booking our flights, my friend sensibly suggested we take only hand luggage. Distressed by the thought, I begrudgingly compromised that we could take two suitcases between the three of us. I found myself carrying heels in my handbag and on the return journey paying extra for my overweight bag. In hindsight, I could have perhaps ditched some of the six pairs of shoes I had taken with but then again I happily accept that I am never going to be one to compromise when it comes to having outfit choices.


On Saturday I am off to gorge myself on pizza, pasta and ice cream in the beautiful land of Italy. Once again I am facing a packing dilemma. I know, you would think I’d have learned by now but in my defence I was not involved in booking the flights and being picky may have seemed ungrateful, which I definitely am not. Now I sit here pondering which maxi dress I can leave behind and whether four clutch bags is a little extreme, all in the hope that my stuffed full case won’t have to be opened up at the check-in desk, again.

too much luggage

(All travel light tips welcome!)