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oli's 21

Having recently posted about my struggles to pack light, it seems fitting to relay the slightly embarrassing happening of last weekend.

I ventured to the lovely city of Bath to celebrate my good friend Oli’s 21st birthday. It was a night filled with family, close friends (both from school and University days – myself being the latter), great food, great wine and in hindsight, a few too many gin and tonics.

When packing for Bath I felt smug. Excited for the weekend, I had that week purchased a 60s flower power co-ord and also a neon orange backless playsuit. Feeling organised – most unlike my usual self – I decided neither outfits needed re-trying on and with my modest sized overnight bag, off I went.

My friends and I arrived a little late, with pre dinner drinks having already begun. All we needed to do was freshen up and change out of our pyjama travelling attire. An easy task, so I thought.

I chose the playsuit because a) I had fake tanned my back and in the co-ord such effort would be wasted and b) when eating and drinking, I foresaw the co-ord becoming a little suffocating. I was not prepared to chose between birthday cake and baked cheesecake; I wanted both.

We rush upstairs to change. The playsuit is given the thumbs up from the girls but, as I turn to the side, they question how appropriate it is for a ‘conservative’ family affair due to a somewhat risqué side-boob appearance, something that had slipped my notice when first trying it on.

Now I don’t know where you stand on this but I can’t help thinking that a glimpse of sideboob never hurt nobody. But, with the pressure of time and given that I was to be sitting at dinner a seat away from the birthday boys mother, I opted for outfit #2.


The zip on the skirt had broken.

I turned hot, clammy and all other associated attractive traits.

With no other choice (sadly, my friends don’t share my usual ethos of the more outfit choice the merrier), I spent my evening dressed in the ‘family inappropriate’ playsuit, with my arms firmly by my side – well until it was time for the older crowd to leave us.

playsuit 1

Playsuit 2

Thank you to those who responded to my last post with helpful packing light tips however, it’s safe to say I won’t be packing light anytime soon.

Thank you also to Oli for an amazing weekend!

For those interested, my playsuit is from ASOS and you can find the link here. It is also down to £27 in the sale (bargain).