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For the past three years my school friends and I have been partying/drinking/chilling studying at Universities all over the country. What is great is that despite the time apart we have all remained close friends. What is even greater is that three years on and we still share a concrete bond over food.

food quote

Our favourite Friday night involves taking over someone’s living room and spending the evening playing a very competitive game of Articulate, eating junk food and trying to catch up on each other’s latest tales.

However we have decided that as we are no longer students (cry), we need to become more sophisticated (or at least try). Our weekends are now precious and so on Friday night some of us headed to Flesh and Buns in Covent Garden for dinner, drinks and some much needed girl talk.

After work I met my friend Phoebe to do some shopping. When our feet were exhausted and our bellies were rumbling, we headed to the restaurant to grab a drink, browse the menu and wait for our dates – all seven of them.

Phoebe was kind enough to photograph my outfit – it’s both work and going out appropriate!

work attire 1

work attire 4

work attire 5Skirt: Lavish Alice (Now in the sale but only available in blue – is it acceptable to own both colours?…), “Wonderful Spectacular Amazing” Tee: ASOS, Belt: ASOS, Bag: Cos (similar style but in black here), Shoes: Zara, Necklace: my favourite piece purchased in Thailand last summer.

Fashion blogged, food time!

While Flesh and Buns is not new to the London food scene, this was my first visit. It’s a good choice if you’re in a group and willing to share. There are starters of sushi and other small bits but we delved straight into ordering mains. The idea is that you choose your “flesh” to go with your buns. We ordered crispy piglet belly, crispy duck leg, salmon teriyaki and miso grilled aubergine, with enough buns for the table – they recommend two each. The “flesh” was all delicious and beautifully cooked. I wasn’t particularly excited by the buns but this opinion was not shared by my dinner dates so I’ll leave that to you to decide.

Naturally, and this is what I love about my friends, as soon as the food hit the table we tucked right in, forgetting to snap up a few ‘food porn’ pictures first. I do apologise, I am still fairly new to this!

In an attempt to redeem myself I got snapping when dessert arrived…

image (1)

image (3)

image (4)And what a dessert it was!

You make your own s’mores over your own awesome mini fire. For those with a sweet tooth like me, it’s an absolute winner.

A lovely evening with lovely company!

image (2)

I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend, happy Tuesday everyone!