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In a few weeks time I will be taking a small step towards the TERRIFYING SCARY BIG WIDE world of the employed.

peter pan(But first, a quick dash to New York City!)

While I am thrilled to have the opportunity to intern at Vantage Magazine in Canary Wharf for three months, September 16th will mark the beginning of a new chapter – a very grown up one, or so it feels.

growing up

N0 longer will I be able to hit the snooze button for an hour with little consequence; NO longer will dry shampoo be sufficient to hide 3 day old unwashed hair; NO longer will leisurely lunches and afternoon naps take place on a daily basis and NO longer will I be able to have dinner at 5.30pm – ahhhh the student life!

life 1This is the first September I can remember that doesn’t involve a new set of Crayola’s, colour coordinating ring binders and a new homework diary.* This is the first time where I don’t know what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be in a few months time. While I am excited to set off on a path that I hope will one day lead to my dream career, it is also somewhat overwhelming. The relentless and dreaded question – ‘well, what next?’ – that I keep having to answer only seems to add to the pressure. It’s quite clear that the reply ‘well, who knows!’ is not a sufficient one (to real grown ups anyway!)


For those in a similar boat to me, especially those who haven’t spent too much time pondering the unknown yet and who I have now majorly freaked out, I send you my sincerest apologies! I advise a deep breath (or two), a list of several realistic long-term goals and a cup of coffee – you’re going to need it.

I will keep you updated on my journey as a working girl but until then its time to see what the Big Apple has to offer…

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*Yes, I still did all of the above aged 18+