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If my whole life could up and move abroad, without hesitation I would choose New York City.

new york city

I am no regular visitor to this side of the world but somehow it feels like a home away from home and I don’t think it’s just because I spend my life watching Friends (that said, why haven’t the gang invited me to Central Perk yet?!)

I have graced The Big Apple with my presence three times now. I have stayed in three different hotels, in three different locations. I have watched (and loved) three broadway shows, I have purchased more than three ‘Little Brown Bags’ and I have holidayed with the same fabulous threesome.


three musketeers

NYC getaways have become a ‘thing’ that we (the above) do.

My best friend Leah and I are born three days apart and our first trip with our lovely mothers marked the beginning of our teenage years (huge stuff!) Since then we hunt for any reason to return.

This year we have been told we are celebrating our graduations. However we both know our mums really just fancy new winter wardrobes and we definitely aren’t complaining!

changing room

In the last few days we have eaten like queens.

For those interested, I would absolutely recommend dining at Delicatessen, Buddakan and The Stanton Social (the latter being the clear winner). As I have admitted before, I am rubbish at remembering to take pictures of my food – I’m sorry – I’m simply more interested in eating it!!

I do just about remember to whip out the camera before I head out…

night 1

night one b night one ePlaysuit: MinkPink @ Urban Outfitters (Sorry I can’t find it online), Shoes: Primark – just £8! Bag:Vintage Kilo Sale

I’m off to pack…but happily not to go home just yet! Another of my best friends (I promise I don’t use this term lightly), Issy, is currently studying out here and so when the mums go home today, Leah and I are staying on for a little longer.

Yes be jealous, very jealous!

& have a lovely week everyone!