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…My patience for Primark, that is. Keep scrolling and I’ll explain…

My mum is an early bird. She is your “get up and get moving” type of woman. She struggles to stay awake after 10pm and I can’t remember the last morning she slept past 8. By the time I rise on the weekend she has most likely been spinning, grabbed coffee with a friend, food shopped and is well on her way to her next date of the day…and this is all well before midday strikes!

Now, I’m not the latest of sleepers but little can make me move from my bed in the early hours of a Saturday morning like my mums promise of a thorough Primark haul. While Primark is my go-to for pyjamas, gym tops and hairbands, after a Good Ol’ rummage we will almost certainly leave with a few statement pieces too.

Recently I have become a little over-excited by my Primark finds. My current favourites are pictured below; all were priced under £15 and most less than £10. Crazy, I know. (Forgive me for having previously blogged a couple but I think they deserve a little extra special attention).

image (7)

image (6)

image (5)image (8)

Primark: White Jacket, Palm tree print skirt, white shoes, palazzo pants, yellow clutch

It’s a little like marmite; you either love it or hate it and luckily for me I love both! Should you be a hater, I recommend you give it another go (Primark that is!) Keep an open mind and take a peak at my top tips:

  1. If you enjoy a calm shopping experience, you must be outside Primark for opening.
  2. You must not enter Primark on an empty stomach. Energy, perseverance and willpower will be needed.
  3. You must not walk away if an item is creased or presented badly, for what you will pay, it won’t matter – I’m sure you can find an iron.
  4. Finally, you must not let the price speak for quality. Granted, some things won’t last but a lot of things do. My favourite jeans are four years old, Primark – I kid you not!

Happy Primark-ing!