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It’s October, it’s rainy, leaves are browning and much to my horror, I have started seeing coats, everywhere!

While I have always preferred to dress for winter – cuddly layers, beanie hats, mittens, woolly tights and all that– when I woke up yesterday morning and heard that I should expect highs of 11 degrees, I was caught completely off guard. I don’t know about you but the weatherman certainly didn’t warn me. So, in an attempt to keep up, my knee high boots came out to play, my summer dresses and sandals were shunned to the back of my wardrobe and I began to browse, frantically.

Now if these pieces would kindly make their way into my wardrobe…

Mulberry Backpack

Burberry Cape

 Internmix Sleeveless Jacket

While I can’t say I wouldn’t love the above to magically appear within my grasp – free of charge of course – I absolutely believe you can find the same, if not better, copy pieces of the designer stuff in our current high-street. Plus, you will feel so much better when you accidentally leave it in the cloakroom of a club (guilty) or spill your morning coffee down it (guilty x100). After a little homework, I have found reasonable equivalents of my above winter must-haves.

Urban Outfitters Backpack, also similar style here and here.

If you’re in the mood for a splurge, just not quite as big as a Burberry splurge, have a peak at this ASOS cape. A super saver option here.

Misguided Sleeveless Jacket. Or how about trying here or here.

It’s time to embrace the cold – have a lovely Monday!