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Among my friends, I am notorious for never wearing a coat.

While I was studying in Birmingham – which just so you know, in my North West London books classifies as the very cold and very wet North of England – I walked to and from campus daily. When it rained – I took an umbrella, when the wind blew – I wore a scarf, when hail stones plummeted – I wore a hood and when it was icy – I wore mittens.

It’s not because I don’t like coats, I just find them a pain.

Within five minutes of throwing my coat on and walking out the door I rocket from minus degrees to 90 degrees and, in a panic of sweaty fluster, off the coat goes. Then, in my arms, does it remain ALL. DAY. LONG (Apart from when it rains and then I proceed to fashion it as an umbrella – not a good look).

Anyway, this winter, I have come up with the mother of all solutions to my coat commotion and it is everything I have been longing for. It’s lightweight so I won’t overheat, it’s waterproof so I won’t need to carry an umbrella and if the sun decides to come out to play (unlikely as that is), it will fold and tuck away into even my smallest handbag. Drumroll please…

It is a MAC – and no, not the apple kind, the RAINCOAT kind.

While this may not be the revelation you were hoping for, I for one am very excited about choosing a Winter Mac (if you couldn’t tell) and should you wish to follow in my dry, warm but by no means sweaty footsteps, here are my favourite finds so far:

Have a MAC-TASTIC Tuesday!