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Think sequins, shimmer and sparkles.

Add silliness.

Its got to be the baddest, the brightest and the boldest.

It better be tacky and trashy, yet somehow terrific…


I’ll give you a clue..

I love a jumper. Whether V neck, crew neck, round neck, polo neck, turtle neck, or knitted, fluffy, cotton, nylon, crochet or cashmere.

Buttons or poppers, zip or no zip, hoody or hood-less (you get the picture?)

I like to be cosy. I like to pull the sleeves over my hands and snuggle up with a coffee in front of my desk in the morning. When home, I will be found in pyjamas paired with a jumper three sizes too big at whatever time of the day. So naturally, when it comes to Christmas jumpers I am the first to join in. Last year, I bought a jumper with Mickey Mouse styled in a Santa hat and, despite the very strange looks I received, I was still wearing it well into March. I have even higher hopes for this years!

Today at work – and likewise for many of my nearest and dearests – it’s Christmas jumper day. So as I sit on the train to Canary Wharf, excitedly anticipating a day of Christmas cheer, I thought I would share some festive feeling (with a little help of my very special elves…)


I would love to see your crazy (and the not so crazy) Christmas Jumpers!

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