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I have never kept a new year’s resolution.

In the days leading up to a new year, I drive myself mad. I vow to eat healthier, exercise more, drink less coffee, begin yoga, love yoga, play a team sport, work harder, explore more, read more, do more, save more, spend less (on clothes… and food) and so the list will continue.

And though I ponder these thoughts with good intention, come the morning of January 1st when I wake up feeling worse for wear, with my main concerns being de-taggng Facebook pictures from the night before, avoiding daylight at all costs and managing to get a carb-heavy meal delivered to the comfort of my own bed, all motivated thoughts about a “new year, new me” are lost.

And maybe that’s just me. 

But should you relate to the feeling “there is always next year” (though the new year has barely begun) with hopes of changing your ways, then I suggest reading on.

I think it is all about small changes.

Set resolutions that will begin your journey towards achieving bigger goals. For example, if you dream of being more active then start by slotting in a time once a week where you will go for a walk/run/the gym/play a sport (etc).

Two years ago in February I cut out diet coke from my diet. Though for years I had enjoyed a can a day, I hated the bloated feeling afterwards and was worried about it damaging my teeth. I haven’t sipped it since.

Making small changes shouldn’t be something that only happens at the start of a new year. We should always be thinking about what we can do better and the best way we can do it.

This year, I am choosing January 11th (the day my lovely long Christmas break finally finishes and I continue my internship) to set realistic goals. While I am yet to think about what I would like 2015 to bring, one thing I am going to do is cook healthy, nutritious and delicious meals.

Now I’ve told you, there is no backing out!

Today I gave it my first go

…I’ll be putting a step by step recipe guide up on the blog this week!

Don’t rush to begin resolutions that won’t stick. Think realistic, think positive and stay motivated.

Take time to set achievable goals and let me know how they go!

Happy 2015!