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 Tomorrow I am starting a new job!

I will be working Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so I am hoping to have a lot more time to blog! Come March, I’ll re-join the rest of the working world with a full five day week but for now, I’ll enjoy these very dressed-down Mondays!


One of my best ever bargain buys. Found online in the kids department at Sports Direct on Boxing Day 2013 for less than £20 – I was so excited I bought the same pair twice!

(A definite perk of having teeny tiny size 5 feet)



“What Topshop jeans are you?”

The big question.

A while ago I traded in my love of Leigh jeans for Jamie jeans. Jamie’s are softer, stretchier and I prefer the fit. So when I bought these pineapple Joni jeans last year I had my doubts. High-waisted trousers aren’t always the most flattering shape but Joni’s have proven a hit with me. They are comfy and yet to lose shape in the wash (huge bonus). While I purchased them with the sunshine in mind, I have lived in them through the cold, rain and snow.

I vote Joni’s!



What I love the most about this Zara jumper is that since buying it in October, I have only seen one other person wearing it – a rarity when shopping on the high-street. I love its statement sleeves and its cosy fur-like feel.


What are your favourites fashion pieces?