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double denim Double denim double denim

{Denim Shirt: Anthropologie, Jeans: River Island, Jumper: Brandy MelvilleBackpack: Victoria Secrets (a very practical freebie), Pom Pom Shoes: ASOS}

My best friend Leah lives in Israel and this weekend Phoebe and I came to surprise her. These past few weeks I’ve had to resist sharing my crazy feelings of excitement with you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and I have to admit, it’s not been easy (how lame is that?!)

But the look of utter shock on her face when she saw us coming through the departure gate made all the secrecy absolutely worth it. Spending the weekend being a beach bum and catching up with my lovely friend that I don’t get to see nearly enough has been amazing and I can’t wait to tell you more about a great weekend spent in the great city Tel Aviv!

It’s been the best.

I hope nobody has the Sunday blues as bad as I do!