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Oversized Jumper, Leopard Print BootsOversized Jumper, Leopard Print BootsOversized Jumper, Leopard Print Boots

Leopard Print Booties: Topshop // Oversized Jumper: Zara // Skirt: Topshop

The mixed weather signals us Londoners/Brits are experiencing is throwing me into wardrobe crisis mode. Just this week I’ve gone from drinking pink lemonade in the beautiful sunshine (as featured on my Instagram account, link here) to being blown around in the wind and rain while fetching my morning coffee (needless to say, this moment did not need capturing)

As I’m happiest when sporting an oversized jumper, on what looked like a safe summer day, I opted for the winter-layers meets summer-cool vibe with this outfit. The big jumper meant that when it poured, I was prepared with a big enough piece of material that doubled as a headscarf!

I’m off to a Festival for the weekend in Wales. If the sun doesn’t shine, I’ll be mad. If it rains, I won’t leave my tent (yes, did I mention I was camping? Think of me when wrapped up warm at night!)

Happy days! X