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For just over a year, I’ve been sharing my thoughts and snaps about whatever takes my fancy. From styles I’m sporting to foodie havens I’m loving to peaceful weekends away, and more recently I’ve babbled (and probably a little too much) about my upcoming travelling adventure.

37 days & counting! 

But recently I’ve hit a wall.

I suppose we could call it writer’s block.

I try not to search for inspiration. I like to let that little “lightbulb” moment come to me when I least expect it. Like when I’m on the train people watching or singing along to the radio alone in the car. But in the last couple of weeks I’ve struggled to sit down, focus and find my writing rhythm.

Thinking that I can’t be the first blogger to experience this writing lull, I thought I’d share a few tricks to help overcome this bloggers block, maybe sometime they will help you too!

RELAX If you don’t post your usual three times a week the world won’t end. Blogging is something to enjoy and if you constantly feel under pressure you could lose the enthusiasm you began with and that attracted your followers to your blog in the first place!

TURN OFF THE SCREEN Take time away from your phone and laptop, Instagram will still be there when you return. Whether you take time out to read a book, go for a walk or spend time with friends, make sure you completely switch off from the blogging world.

Make A Spider Diagram Ever since school, I have loved making spider diagrams. Dig out your funky colour pens, a big piece of paper and start scribbling about anything and everything. From what you had for breakfast to where you want to go on your next holiday, to the five things you want to do before January. It’s likely your creative side will start moving again!

So having not uploaded a post for a couple of weeks or so, I thought a small explanation was in order. I temporarily lost my flow but I wanted to say I’m now back and ready to ramble! (If you’ll have me?)

Have a great week xxx