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When you read this I will (fingers crossed) have made it to Tokyo. By now I suspect I’ll be fast asleep, exhausted from the plane journey and time difference. 

I hope we went for a good wander this afternoon and gorged ourselves silly on delicious sushi for dinner. 

I am pretty positive I am already worrying about the bits of my wardrobe that have been left at home and no doubt I’ll have plotted where we will be going ‘window shopping’ tomorrow. 

It has to be window shopping as my backpack is absolutely jammed full! 

These last few days, I have been absolutely spoilt by my friends and family. From a surprise dinner with my nearest and dearest to a Sunday brunch feast to cards with special farewell wishes, I was even showered with some thoughtful and very backpacker appropriate pressies I thought you might like to see! 

Backpacking, travelling, passport holderBackpacking, travelling, holidayBackpacking, travelling, diary, journaltrivia cards, Backpacking, travelling  

Eeeeeeek, I am so excited! 

And I look forward to keeping you updated along the way! 


Ps. How fantastic is the Patisserie Valerie cake my Mum surprised us with? I wish that could come with!