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Welcome to my first musings as a fully-fledged traveller. (Maybe not, but I do have a backpack and a ton of mosquito bites) 

We’ve now found our way to The Philippines where we plan to relax and soak up some sunshine, so I’m back with weekly posts clueing you in on all of our adventures – there’s already so much to say!

 A week in Japan rocketed past. We were super busy, squeezing as much as we possibly could into each day. We spent three days in Tokyo and from there headed South to Kyoto. It was awesome. 

Especially the people, so friendly and welcoming – just remember to always leave your shoes at the door!  There was so much to do in both cities, I could ramble on for pages. Must visits are Japan’s numerous historic national parks, shrines and temples. With Yoyogi park in Tokyo and the Gold Pavilion Temple in Kyoto being two clear winners. 

A highlight of Tokyo was its famous Fish Market. Full of hustle and bustle, it is an absolute treat for foodies! Offering the freshest fish, with delicious samples for passers by. As backpackers, free tasters are very exciting! We tried everything we could from delicious tuna sashimi to seafood crackers to the sweetest dessert ever, strawberry daifuki. So good, we had to go back for seconds.       A must visit in Kyoto is the monkey sanctuary, so cool! Found at the top of a mini-mountain, you’re greeted by a host of squawking monkeys (it’s a little terrifying at first) and an incredible view.   From the tasty food to the beautiful sites to the special people, Japan you were amazing and I have no doubt I’ll be returning to explore more. I absolutely recommend Japan finds a spot on your bucket list.   Have a great week. Should you need me, I’ll be sipping coconuts on a beautiful beach in El Nido.