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Fiji ParadiseFiji paradise, travelFrom the moment we began organising our backpacking adventure last June, we had our hearts set on a visit to Fiji.

We decided it would be the last hurrah of the trip!

Before we left I would daydream about the greenest palm trees, the calmest blue sea and spending day after day lying on hammocks in the sunshine, kindle in one hand, mojito the other. fiji, travel, paradiseMy Fijian fantasy wasn’t wrong.fijian paradiseWe spent 12 days cruising a handful of Fiji’s islands with Awesome Adventures, a company that offers quick and easy transfers between resorts located on the Yasawa and Mamanuca islands. fijiWe hopped off at South Sea Island, Mantaray, Barefoot Manta, Blue Lagoon and Coral View (the latter being the only place we wouldn’t recommend to fellow travellers).

Everywhere else was breathtakingly beautiful, the people working there were some of the coolest and nicest people I met throughout my travels and the food was all utterly delicious.fiji, food, travelOn the rare occasion we became restless from our cycle of sunbathe-dip-sunbathe-dip, we could go paddle-boarding, kayaking, sunset tubing, snorkelling or hiking around the islands. fiji, travel blog, travel, paradiseEvenings were filled with activities like a trivia quiz or games night. We were even lucky enough to experience  a traditional Fijian Kava ceremony!fiji, drinks, cocktailsFiji was the perfect end to the most crazy fantastic four months of travelling.


*Fiji’s national greeting and the only word you’ll ever need.