About ME

Hello, welcome to my blog!

I’m Amy: shoes-lover, clothes hoarder, professional brunch-er.

After graduating from Birmingham University in July 2014, I have spend the last 18 months dabbling in journalism and PR, and developing this blog!

As much as I am a self-confessed online shopping addict with a passion for fashion, I also love to share recipes, restaurant reviews (if you like brunch and you’re a Londoner, you’ve come to the right place) and whatever else takes my fancy. From thoughts about the daunting reality that is the world of the employed (link) to my favourite Instagram stalks (link).

I am absolutely head-over-heels excited to take my blog on a once-in-a-lifetime four month trip. We will be stopping at Tokyo, The Philippines, New Zealand, Oz, Fiji and Bangkok.

The adventure begins October 28th 2015!

Happy reading! x


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